Logan Paul’s Pokemon Cards Box Worth $3.5 Million Proves To Be Fake

logan paul fake pokemon card

Logan Paul said in a video that a box supposedly containing 1st Edition Pokemon Card Booster Cases was fake, which led him to lose $3.5 million. A video that was posted to YouTube earlier today shows Paul, the card collector he bought the box from, and a sports card authenticator opening the box and discovering that it was filled with G.I Joe cards packaged in Pokemon booster cards. The video does not give any indication as to whether Paul is going to sue the authentication company or if he has insurance in the event that the cards are fake.

The case of cards was purchased in late 2020 after Paul learned the sealed box was supposed to contain multiple booster packs of 1st Edition Pokemon cards. The existence of one such box was previously confirmed. In spite of the box’s authenticity being certified by a reputable sports card grading company, experts have noted several concerns with the box’s label and packaging. Moreover, the original box owner had given multiple conflicting stories about how the box had come into their possession, which led to a meager price tag of $75,000 for the box.

There are many scammers who will take advantage of naive would-be buyers as a result of the popularity of vintage Pokemon cards (a trend Paul helped greatly increase). It is still unclear why Paul didn’t ask the opinion of an established Pokemon authenticator, given that he has a significant collection of vintage Pokemon cards, including five legitimate, unopened First Edition Base Set booster cases.

In light of the fact that over $6 million has been exchanged in the purchase of this single case, it is nearly certain we will hear more about this. You can look forward to seeing more videos from Paul about the fake card case very soon.

Watch the full video below:

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