UAE Revises Travel Permits – Three-Month Visit Visas No Longer Available

UAE's 3-month visit visas discontinued

The landscape of the UAE’s visa regulations has experienced significant shifts lately, reflecting the evolving priorities and strategies of this fast-growing business and leisure hub. In this piece, we will examine the recent discontinuation of the UAE’s three-month visit visa, the alternative options available, and the critical considerations for business visitors.

Three-Month Visit Visa Status:

Recent information shared by the Federal Authority For Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security (ICP) indicates that the three-month visit visas to the UAE have been phased out. Though they had seen a brief re-introduction as leisure visas in May, this decision was revisited and the visa’s availability curtailed.

However, there’s an exception in Dubai. The city is issuing 90-day visas to visitors who share a direct blood relationship with current residents, like parents or siblings.

Reports suggest the temporary suspension of the three-month visas. Firoz Maliyakkal, the Chief Executive of Tahira Tours and Travels, pointed out the increasing demand, particularly with the forthcoming winter months, might have influenced this decision.

Long-Term Visa Options: An Overview

For those seeking extended stays in the UAE, several visa categories can cater to different needs:

Job Exploration Visa:
– Purpose: Allows individuals to enter the UAE and scout for job roles that match their skillsets.
– Duration and Fees: Options of 60 (Dh200), 90 (Dh300), and 120 days (Dh400) are available. An additional security deposit of Dh1,000 is necessary.
– Application: Through GDRFA and ICP’s official digital channels or at Amer centres.

5-year Multiple Entry Visa:
– Purpose: Designed for visitors intending to enter the UAE multiple times, with a stay cap of 90 days for every entry. This stay can be extended by another 90 days without departure.
– Target Audience: Investors, highly-skilled workers, and self-employed individuals. Necessary documentation includes a six-month bank statement.
– Application: Via the ICP’s official website, customer service centres, or Amer Service Centres.

Search for Investment Opportunities Visa (Single Entry):
– Purpose: Aids investors in identifying potential business ventures, partners, or clientele within the UAE.
– Duration: Available in increments of 60, 90, or 120 days.
– Application: Through ICP’s official portal.

The UAE continues to fine-tune its visa policies, striking a balance between business, tourism, and security considerations. By understanding and navigating these options, international visitors and businesspersons can maximize their time and potential in this dynamic nation.

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