Boris Johnson Agrees To Resign As Prime Minister Of The UK

boris johnson resignation latest news

According to British media reports, Boris Johnson has agreed to resign, which will put an end to an unprecedented political crisis over his future. A number of members of Johnson’s Cabinet have recently called on the president to resign as a result of ethics scandals. Nevertheless, he conceded after more than 40 ministers resigned from […]

Boris Johnson Says Transgender Women Should Not Compete In Women’s Events

British PM Boris Johnson

Prime Minister Boris Johnson says it’s reasonable not to allow transgender women to compete in female sporting events and there ought to be female-only areas. He spoke as his country looked set to abandon plans to hold a conference that would promote LGBT+ rights globally. Biological males shouldn’t compete in female-only sporting events, Mr. Johnson […]

Boris Johnson Will Not Resign Due To Lockdown Parties

Will not resign over lockdown parties, says British PM Boris Johnson

Despite a series of lockdown-breaking gatherings at his Downing Street office and residence, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday he will not resign. In Downing Street office and residence, Boris Johnson had organized a series of rule-breaking events Keir Starmer, leader of the opposition Labour Party, accused Johnson in parliament of misrepresenting the […]

United Kingdom Records All Time High Daily Covid-19 Cases As Omicron Spreads

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The COVID-19 virus has now been reported in 78,610 cases, covering an increase of about 10,000 over the previous high reported in January. This is the highest daily COVID-19 case count the United Kingdom has seen since the outbreak began. It is estimated that over 11 million people have been infected with the disease in […]

First Omicron Death Reported In UK As The Virus Spreads Rapidly

british pm boris johnson

Boris Johnson, the UK’s Prime Minister, announced on Monday that the UK had confirmed the first death caused by the Omicron variant of Coronavirus. Johnson said to reporters that “at least one patient has been confirmed to have died with Omicron”. According to recent reports, the new variant of concern appears to cause mild disease […]

Britain’s Boris Johnson Imposes Tougher Curbs To Stop Omicron From Spreading

british pm boris johnson

In an effort to slow the spread of the Omicron coronavirus variant, Boris Johnson imposed tougher restrictions on Wednesday in England, ordering people to use masks in public places and use vaccine passes to work from home. As a result of accusations that his staff partied during the Christmas lockdown last year, Johnson said Omicron […]