South Korea Will Lift The Covid-19 Quarantine In Late May

busan gamcheon culture village

According to Yonhap News Agency, the South Korean public health agency said on Friday that the quarantine will be fully lifted for COVID-19 patients by the end of May. The Korean Disease Control and Prevention Agency also plans to lower COVID-19 to its second-highest level out of four, enabling clinics and hospitals to treat patients […]

Omicron BA.2 Sub-Variant Is Dominant In South Africa

ba2 variant is dominant in south africa

According to Africa’s top public health body, the BA.2 subvariant of Omicron is now the dominant variant of Covid-19 in South Africa, and it has been found in multiple other countries in the continent. “We have data from South Africa that the BA.2 variant has now become prevalent in South Africa,” said John Nkengasong, director […]

Spain Changing Travel Rules For British People; Booster Jab Required


Travellers from the UK staying in Spain on holidays will need to be aware of the new entry rules coming into effect in February. The current requirement for entry to Spain from the UK is that you have been fully vaccinated, which implies that your vaccine has been received at least 14 days ago. From […]

UAE Lifts Entry Restrictions On Passengers From 12 African Countries

uae lifts entry restrictions african countries

The National Crisis & Emergency Management Authority of the United Arab Emirates announced Wednesday that from 2.30pm on January 29 the UAE will lift entry restrictions for passengers traveling from 12 countries. An official tweet states that the United Arab Emirates will resume all inbound flights from the countries of Nigeria, Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania, Ethiopia, […]

US Covid-19 Cases Numbers 8 Million In One Week

covid19 cases increasing in USA

In the past week, there have been more cases of Covid-19 in the Americas than ever before. The highly contagious Omicron variant appears to be the predominant strain in the Americas, according to the Pan American Health Organization. In the past week, there were over 8 million new cases, which is 32% more than the […]

Cook Islands Travel Is Quarantine-free Despite Outbreaks Of Omicron

cook island quarantine free

Despite the outbreak of Covid-19 Omicron in New Zealand, the quarantine-free travel bubble with the Cook Islands remains open. Yesterday, the Cook Islands cabinet met after receiving notification that two visitors from Aotearoa visited Covid-19 locations of interest before they left. In addition to keeping the bubble open, the government says it will introduce a […]

Kiribati In The Pacific Imposes Lockdown For The First Time

fanning island in kiribati

A dozens of passengers on a flight tested positive for the Covid-19 virus, forcing Kiribati into lockdown for the first time since the pandemic began two years ago. On Tuesday, the Kiribati government announced on its official Facebook page that 36 out of 54 passengers on a flight that had traveled from Fiji on January […]

UAE Reports 2,792 New Covid-19 Cases And 1,166 Recoveries Today

uae latest covid numbers

According to the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention, there were 2,792 cases of Covid-19 coronavirus on Tuesday, with 1,166 recovering and three dying. The new cases were discovered through 487,749 more tests. The total number of active cases is 46,452. In UAE as of January 18, there are 811,029 cases, while there are 762,379 […]

The Canadian Province Of Quebec Says No Vaccination, Pay Taxes

quebec to fine people who are not vaccinated

In a move likely to spark a debate about individual rights and social responsibilities, Quebec, Canada’s second-most populous province, intends to force adults who refuse to get vaccinations against Covid-19 to pay a “health contribution.” At a Tuesday press briefing, Premier Francois Legault said that this policy proposal, whose details are still being finalized, would […]

Covid-19 Omicron – New Round Of Mass Testing Begins In Tianjin, China

tianjin in china

China’s Tianjin city started a new round of Covid-19 testing on Wednesday among its 14 million residents to combat the spread of Omicron. However, some analysts feel the upcoming restrictions could slow China’s economic growth. There were 33 confirmed coronavirus infections in Tianjin on Tuesday, up from 10 a day earlier, according to national data. […]