Winter Storm 2022 : Winter Storm Cancels Flights Across Much Of The United States

winter storm warning 2022

A major winter storm is set to hit the US on Tuesday, bringing a large swath of the country freezing rain and heavy snow. Flights were cancelled by airlines, governors warned residents to stay off the roads, and schools closed for the day. As frigid weather approached starting Tuesday night, a long stretch of states […]

Travelers Stranded By China’s Flight Cancellations


China has suspended dozens of flights between China and the United States due to passengers testing positive for Covid-19 on arrival, making booking a flight back even in February almost impossible As of the last flight cancellations, international capacity to and from China was just 2 percent of pre-Covid levels due to the country’s strict […]

5G Launch In Us Throws Airlines Across The Globe Into Chaos

5g network airlines problem

Over fears of interfering with key safety systems, airlines worldwide are adjusting flight schedules and aircraft deployments to fly to the U.S. A 5G rollout by AT&T Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc. near American airports has caused the airlines to rethink their scheduling and deployment. The Dubai-based airline Emirates announced it is suspending flights to […]

Abu Dhabi-Madinah Flights Canceled By Etihad Till March 28

Etihad cancels Abu Dhabi-Madinah flights

Until March 2022, Etihad Airways, based in Abu Dhabi, is cancelling its flights to Madinah. Due to operational reasons, Etihad flights between Abu Dhabi and Madinah have been canceled until March 28, 2022, according to a statement on the UAE airline’s website. We regret to inform you that Etihad has cancelled flights between Abu Dhabi […]

Snow Storm Izzy Causes Thousands Of Flights To Be Cancelled

flights cancelled snow storm izzy

U.S. airlines have canceled more than 1,200 flights on Monday amid a brutal winter storm that dumped inches of snow, ice, and high winds on much of the southeast on a holiday weekend. Winter storm Izzy, which is making its way towards the northeast, has caused travel chaos as wintry weather forces airlines to cancel […]

Heavy Snow In Japan Has Forced More Than 100 Flights To Be Cancelled

japan snow

Heavy snow in northern and western parts of the country grounded more than 100 domestic flights in Japan on Sunday, Japan’s two largest airlines said. As of 4 p.m. (0700 GMT), ANA Holdings had halted 79 flights, which affected about 5,100 passengers. A spokesperson with Japan Airlines Co’s operations division said the airline had canceled […]

Over 2,000 Flights Have Been Canceled On Christmas Eve


According to a flight tracking website FlightAware, more than 2,000 flights were cancelled on Friday, causing disruptions for passengers heading home for Christmas. Christmas Eve cancellations were sparked by the rapidly spreading variant of Omicron coronavirus that prevented airlines from staffing their flights. Five airlines canceled the bulk of the flights, with China Eastern canceling […]