X (Twitter) to charge $1/year for Basic Features in Anti-Bot Move

x twitter from elan musk tests 'not a bot' program charges new users $1/year to post

In a strategic play to diminish bot activity and uphold the platform’s authenticity, X (previously known as Twitter) has unveiled a fresh initiative named the “Not A Bot” program. This groundbreaking initiative will see new users shelling out an annual fee of $1 to tap into the platform’s fundamental features, such as posting, replying, and even bookmarking content.

The pilot program is currently active for web users in New Zealand and the Philippines. Elon Musk, the visionary behind X, has expressed his intent to keep the platform pristine from bot interference in the past, with this recent action being a testament to that vision. This move aims to evaluate the effectiveness of a nominal fee in warding off automated spam and manipulative activities, while simultaneously ensuring the platform remains accessible to genuine users.

For those pondering the program’s exclusivity to just these two countries, there’s chatter in the tech corridors that these regions might have showcased heightened bot operations. Additionally, there’s ambiguity about the program’s non-extension to the mobile app at present.

Nevertheless, X’s commitment to maintaining the platform’s integrity is clear. New users who bypass the $1 subscription will find their actions restricted, rendering them to “read-only” modes, which include passive activities like viewing content and streaming videos. Existing users, for now, remain unaffected by this change.

The paradigm shift from a primarily ad-based revenue model to incorporating user charges raises eyebrows and curiosity about the platform’s future moves. As of now, the “Not A Bot” venture remains in its experimental phase, but there’s anticipation about its potential global rollout and implications.

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